Part two of my BCS National Championship Game preview gets to the heart of the matter: what are Oregon and Auburn are likely to do to each other in the perfect conditions of Cardinal Stadium in Glendale, AZ?

DuckyLearn to Ducky – wings of steel will be needed in the 2011 BCS National Championship (Bleacher Report)

If I had to rank my “spread offense gurus”, the Top 5 in no particular order would be Mike Leach, Dana Holgerson, Tony Franklin, Chip Kelly and Gus Malzahn. I think that is what makes this game such a treat (and also why the inability of Leach to get another head coaching gig astounds me) – we are truly witnessing the pinnacle of offensive football operations. Should be a great show for college football freaks and casual fans alike.

Matchups, links, deconstruction of Vegas sentiment and my pick for Ducky to get his push-ups on more than Mike the Tiger after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

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Let us jump right in to the picks of the week, where Mick the Piker and I bounce ideas around all week, a mixture of quantitative analysis, pure technical trends, and a healthy dose of “contextual knowledge”. Most of our interesting bets exist outside the Top 25 where Mick’s historical context and my nationwide fantasy monitoring.

In order of confidence, our Top 5 selections:

1) UNC -6.5 over Virginia

Mick’s computer loves UNC by 18!.  Mick can’t see any logical reason to disagree.  Sure, there’s the “UNC is distracted” argument but that didn’t work in week one against LSU so I don’t see any reason to put much stake in that now.  UVA has been DREADFUL at times this season, but I think many still hang that Cavalier feathered hat on the close loss to USC – what does that look like now? Read the rest of this entry »

based on the company their quarterbacks keep…

Tim Tebow – Florida

Mark Sanchez – formerly of USC

Colt McCoy with wholesome girlfriend – Texas

Matthew Stafford – formerly of Georgia (excellent fitness level, minimal aftermarket parts)

Jimmy Clausen – Notre Dame FAIL

Thanks to Woody and Sean Hill for forwarding, unknown original creator.

How’s a little Heisman intrigue splashed in with the de facto college football National Championship game sound for this Saturday?

Jeff Demps went airborne for a TD in the 2008 matchup won by Florida 31-20. Don't expect that many points again. (Icon SMI)

Florida RB Jeff Demps went airborne for a TD in the 2008 matchup won by Florida 31-20. Don't expect that many points again. (Icon SMI)

For the second year running, #1 plays #2 not in the BCS National Championship Game, but in the SEC Championship Game in Atlanta. It is must see TV for all college football fans – support your favorite team (or if suffering from Tebow Fatigue like most of the nation root for Alabama) and support your local eatery and get out of the house and enjoy what looks to be a battle of the Irresistible Force (Tim Tebow) against the Immovable Object (Terrance Cody).

I still think Colt McCoy gets the Heisman Trophy, but even I cannot deny that the SEC Bowl presents a great chance for either Mark Ingram (my #2) and Tim Tebow (my #4) to create many Heisman moments.
Quick tidbits of the national ranks

there are many other points where this is a matchup of Number One or Number Two

* Bama Rush D #2 (77ypga) vs. Gator Rush O #6 (236ypg)
* Bama Rush O #13 (213ypg)vs. Gator Rush D #8 (90ypga)
* Bama Scoring D #2 vs. Gator Scoring O #10
* Bama D yds/play #2 (3.87) vs. Gator O yds/play #7 (6.77)

Analysis, matchups and questions to ponder at Fantasy College Blitz.

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The first football triplets I remember earning the moniker played for the 1990’s Dallas Cowboys – the trio of Hall of Famers QB Troy Aikman (Oklahoma-UCLA), RB Emmitt Smith (Florida) and WR Michael Irvin (White House) attacked NFL defenses together for decades on their way to multiple Super Bowl titles.

The dallas Cowboy triplets celebrate another TD (thanks, Dallas Morning News)

The Dallas Cowboy triplets celebrate one of many TDs (thanks, Dallas Morning News)

In the college game, it is worthwhile to find talented triplets since it shows a multi-pronged attack that defenses cannot stop by committing to one player. Hence, a likely more consistent performance by all three in every game.

We begin our countdown of today’s triumvirates at number ten (likely a small school surprise) and the wind will come sweeping down the plain at the top of the list. Some darned fine honorable mentions to follow also as I aim to project this season’s performance, not simply reward last year’s numbers. Read the rest of this entry »

thanks to (USC seems like a bargain, no?)

Florida +225

Oklahoma +500

USC +600

Texas +600

Ohio St +1000

Alabama +1500

Virginia Tech +2000
LSU +2000
Mississippi +2000
Notre Dame +2000

Penn St +3000

Georgia Tech +5000
Florida St +5000
Field (Any Other Team) +5000
Oklahoma St +5000
California +5000

Georgia +6000
Oregon +6000
Miami FL +6000

Michigan +7500
UCLA +7500
Utah +7500
Tennessee +7500

Pittsburgh +10000
North Carolina +10000
North Carolina St +10000
Boise St +10000
Iowa +10000
Illinois +10000
West Virginia +10000
Texas Tech +10000
Nebraska +10000
Clemson +10000
Michigan St +10000

South Florida +20000
Maryland +20000
Arkansas +20000
Missouri +20000
Rutgers +20000
Auburn +20000
Arizona St +20000
Oregon St +20000
Kansas +20000
Wisconsin +20000
Boston College +20000
Cincinnati +20000
BYU +20000
TCU +20000
South Carolina +20000

Brian Kelly knows championships

Brian Kelly knows championships (Icon SMI)

Since Brian Kelly took over the reins of the Queen City’s finest football program (at least fewer arrests) the Bearcats have challenged for the Big East title (won in his first season of 2007) and put up some impressive offensive numbers.

The true prognostication for Cincinnati this season remains incomplete as the appeal of former USC WR Vidal Hazelton to play in 2009 has yet to be determined, but his appearance would only add to a pretty loaded offense anyway. Despite playing four quarterbacks in 2008 Tony Pike emerged as the clear leader at the end of the campaign and all the way through spring.

As I mentioned in the CFFI Big East Mock Draft, the amazing amount of turnover of talent in the group clouds up the crystal ball for just about every offense except this one.

Below is my SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) and expected depth chart of our 42nd rated offense since 2006.


Head coach Brian Kelly

a former D2 national champion at Grand Valley State who brought his spread offense to prominence at Central Michigan before stopping in Cincy in 2007. His OC Jeff Quinn has partnered with him since 1991 to threaten defenses. Having stability at the top spots helps us feel more confident that there will be at least one fantasy college football stud here in 2009.

WR “potential” depth

I mentioned Hazelton above who could step right into the spot vacated by graduated Dominick Goodman (84-1028-T7), but so could JUCO recruit Jamar Howard – both are 6-2+ and 210 pounds. I say “potential’ since Hazelton wants to play in 2009 after playing a few snaps in 2008 (wanted to be closer to home for sick grandfather) and JUCOs often prove difficult to assimilate into team culture (no shot on Howard, a much more general observation). Senior Mardy Gilyard returns after a huge year (11 TDs) and might be the best pass catcher in the Big East. Marcus Barnett had a big 2007 but practiced at CB since…

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