NFL Draft: Best and worst NFL offenses in 2008

Posted: April 2, 2008 in college football, NFL Draft
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niners.jpgIn preparing our NFL Draft coverage at Fantasy College Blitz I again looked at the current depth charts in the NFL for weaknesses and then to the stats to see what NFL teams needed immediate help moving the ball.

I knew that the San Francisco 49ers stunk (right, in own end zone, Icon SMI) up the joint last year, but this bad?

  • 32nd in yards per play (4.36, tops was New England Patriots at 6.35),
  • last in red zone possessions (only 29 – Jacksonville Jaguars had double and came in 3rd), and
  • last with only 5.3 yards per passing attempt (get JAMES HARDY!!!!)

I thought I would share the spartan Google Spreadsheet with everyone – here is the link.

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  2. Gregory says:


    Perfect. Cut. Print. Great….

  3. Ralph Wiggum says:

    Ralph Wiggum…

    You weave a web of lies! Lies I say….

  4. а все таки: шикарно!!

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