2008 NFL Draft Rewind

Posted: April 29, 2008 in college football, NFL Draft, Pro Football, Vince Mullins

Chris Long abused this blocker like he abused Daniel\'s selection projection .Daniel Freer of Fantasy College Blitz offers some observations from this weekend’s NFL Draft.

Like many 2008 NFL Draft prognosticators, I watched in horror as my “Mock” Mock Draft went from a comedy to a tragedy. Complete with a Bee Gees falsetto.
Yes, I blew it by picking Virginia DE/LB Chris Long (right, Icon SMI) way too low (second pick overall, by the St Louis Rams). However, what really threw me off was the New England Patriots taking Tennessee LB Jerod Mayo at #10. Getting first rounders in the wrong order is not too troubling, but, when players not projected in the first round go in the first round…that is a problem.
Possibly the Pats front-office read my NFL “Mock” Mock Draft from last week, and did not like my video references.
Hey, at least I let them keep the #31 overall pick, unlike Roger Goddell.
I am still confident of the non-NFL predictions I made, though. At least I got some time for all of you to forget them. Or, so I can rub them in people’s faces later…and betting on the latter.
SURPRISES: How early Delaware QB John Flacco went (1st, #21 overall to Baltimore Ravens). Flacco is a good QB, but, went a little earlier than I thought. The Ravens QB situation has always been tenuous, and probably were afraid Flacco would be gone before the next time they picked.
Florida DE Derrick Harvey was taken earlier than I thought, but the surprise with Harvey was that the Jacksonville Jaguars made a big draft-day trade to move up to get him – at least it was not another WR.
STEALS: Yeah, I will be accused of being a “homer”, but the Detroit Lions got their RB of the future by snagging UCF RB Kevin Smith with the first pick of the 3d round. Hopefully the Lions will let Smith don the #24 jersey, so we can still refer to him as “24K”. Smith has an NFL body, and his sub 4.5/40 time is speedy enough for the league.
For a 6th round pick, Michigan RB Mike Hart was a steal for the Indianapolis Colts. Hart supposedly had negatives (small size, slow time at NFL Combine), but, you do not start four years in Ann Arbor and suck. He will be an excellent compliment to Joseph Addai in the Small Horses backfield.

MR IRRELEVANT: The winner of Mr. Irrelevant in the 2008 NFL Draft (the last player drafted) was Idaho LB David Voboda. The St. Louis Rams, who had the last pick, opted for someone few have heard of (and I am the non-BCS guru here,,,and did not know about him). Everyone in the audience at the Radio City Music Hall, and, all the ESPN Draftniks, were hoping the Rams would take Chadron State RB Danny Woodhead.
If you are not familiar with Woodhead, he set the NCAA All-Division career rushing and scoring record last season. Woodhead was more than just a sympathy choice….he runs a 4.4/40 and packs 200 pounds on his 5-9 frame. Smaller and slower backs were drafted way ahead of him.
Comments on the NFL Draft? Comments on how my predictions went? Want to make a trade? E-mail him at Sportdwf@aol.com

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