Odds for 2010 College Football BCS Champion

Posted: July 10, 2009 in college football

thanks to Sportsbook.com (USC seems like a bargain, no?)

Florida +225

Oklahoma +500

USC +600

Texas +600

Ohio St +1000

Alabama +1500

Virginia Tech +2000
LSU +2000
Mississippi +2000
Notre Dame +2000

Penn St +3000

Georgia Tech +5000
Florida St +5000
Field (Any Other Team) +5000
Oklahoma St +5000
California +5000

Georgia +6000
Oregon +6000
Miami FL +6000

Michigan +7500
UCLA +7500
Utah +7500
Tennessee +7500

Pittsburgh +10000
North Carolina +10000
North Carolina St +10000
Boise St +10000
Iowa +10000
Illinois +10000
West Virginia +10000
Texas Tech +10000
Nebraska +10000
Clemson +10000
Michigan St +10000

South Florida +20000
Maryland +20000
Arkansas +20000
Missouri +20000
Rutgers +20000
Auburn +20000
Arizona St +20000
Oregon St +20000
Kansas +20000
Wisconsin +20000
Boston College +20000
Cincinnati +20000
BYU +20000
TCU +20000
South Carolina +20000

  1. Matt Ryan says:

    Alabama +1500…

    OH! to have had a few bills to drop on Bama this time last year.
    I can remember thinking after the SECCG loss to Florida how 2010 was gonna be their year with the roster they were projected to have. Sure we all knew they would be breaking in new faces on the OL and all over the D, but the important thing is they were going to have all their skill guys back on offense. And matriculation of the non-skill guys to the NFL was bound to actualy help the 2010 squad: from 07-08, no other SEC team landed more 4 and 5 star non-skill guys on signing day then Bama.

    I still find it amazing they won it all last season with an SEC rookie QB (only had 20 career pass attempts leading into ’09).

    Getting all their skill guys back with an extra year of seasoning + potential upgrades at every position breaking in a new starter, and wow….
    They might not even need a kicker this year (the one spot that is sure to be a downgrade from last season. everywhere else it ought to be the same or better!)

  2. Vince Mullins says:

    How about Oregon +6000 and Auburn +20000?!?!?!
    Someone is about to get paid….

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