2014 CFCFFL Semifinal Previews

Posted: November 15, 2014 in college football

Roger Federer.

New Zealand All Blacks crushed USA Eagle 74-8

Tiger Woods.

Annika Sorenstam.

New Zealand Rugby.

The Exterminators.

Tim Beaman, in all the 20 years competing in the Central Florida College Fantasy football League, has created a dominant squad in 2014 that deserves mention with the dynasties listed above.

Thing is about the 2014 playoffs in the CFCFFL – it only takes one week to make that dominance as relevant as those 18-1 New England Patriots of 2007.

All that being said, let’s dive in to the semifinal previews, also well known throughout history as the Lagos Family Reunion. I raise an early glass of Kilchoman to all the participants!

As of sunrise Saturday Nov 15

Thunder (Mike Lagos) 40, Exterminators (Tim Beaman) 12

Let us take a step back at the season long statistical dominance of The Exterminators – his roster hold three of the top 10 QBs of this season, and 4 of the Top Ten Flex players as well. At WR where finding talent often makes the difference between a good and great team, he has three of the top five in yards receiving.

Unfortunately for this week, his team misses one of the best deep threat college WR of all-time, Rashard Higgins who is idle this week.The bye week has not been kind to Mike’s Thunder lineup either – Baylor idle hurts him with Bryce Petty and KD Cannon out.

Injuries will make or break his best lineup today — does he take a shot with Clemson QB DeShaun Watson as he returns from a hand injury, or does he carry forward with QB22 Fredi Knighten of Arkansas State? Knighten owns a couple of the biggest one-week scores of the year, but has also had some dogs. Down South in the ESPN GameDay special, does Mike sit TJ Yeldon who may not be as explosive as normal, or does go with Gamecock RB Mike Davis versus the suddenly vicious Florida D?

Tim cares not for lineup decisions like this based on his depth – except for Creepy Rob Lowe – RB TSU (probably the one who cant piss in public), every one of his players can be justified in the game.

The stats say that Tim will win 110-101, but Mike already has three players in the clubhouse and each had double digits…great start! But Tim has a TCU stack up against the Kansas Jayhawks, advantage Exterminators.

PREDICTION: Exterminators 113, Thunder 98

Pappy (Jeff Lagos) 12, White Trash (Tony Johnson) 5

Clearly I and other CFCFFL participants have spilled numerous pixels and texts about the glory of the Exterminators lineup – anyone notice that Tony’s White Trash led the league in points scored? Whiskey-Tango dropped 1176 on us in ten games by GRINDING – he has four elite players and otherwise gets it done with great lineup setting.

The other side of that coin is — WTF is Jeff Lagos and Pappy doing in the semis??? Only averaging 90 ppg, he was in the bottom half of the league in that stat – but he performed well enough to take down the Pteradactyls in the quarterfinals and here he is with all his veteran savvy.

Pappy, with the steely gaze of one who had two too many nips of Van Winkle 20,  wavers not his confident gaze aimed at the excellent White Trash squad on the other side of the monitor.

Devon Johnson, former LB, emerged quietly this season for the Marshall Thundering Herd.

It looks like he knows he needs to go big, as he stacks Arizona QB Anu Solomon with WR Austin Hill as they host Washington. Pappy also presents the RB6 Devon Johnson (right) of Marshall, who was on a milk carton missing person alert last week but is expected to play this week.

Finally, Tony Johnson deserves space for the excellent work he puts in year after year, and as your humble author reviews his roster he winces at what might have been if he would only have bid more for WMU RB Jarvion Franklin in Week Two. TJWT grabbed the RB2 off the waiver wire and that sort of GM-ing is why he is a legend in multiple leagues.

Buck Allen put up a dud against Cal on Thursday night, cracking the door ever so slightly for that Wildcat hookup to make a difference in this matchup. Meanwhile, Pappy got 12 from his MAC kicker…so you say there is a chance?

Stats say that WT wins 117-90, and that sounds about right as there is no weakness in this lineup.

PREDICTION: White Trash 126, Pappy 105

This sets up the final we all want to see next week, so stay tuned for more Vincetitutional Analysis for next week.


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