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Part two of my BCS National Championship Game preview gets to the heart of the matter: what are Oregon and Auburn are likely to do to each other in the perfect conditions of Cardinal Stadium in Glendale, AZ?

DuckyLearn to Ducky – wings of steel will be needed in the 2011 BCS National Championship (Bleacher Report)

If I had to rank my “spread offense gurus”, the Top 5 in no particular order would be Mike Leach, Dana Holgerson, Tony Franklin, Chip Kelly and Gus Malzahn. I think that is what makes this game such a treat (and also why the inability of Leach to get another head coaching gig astounds me) – we are truly witnessing the pinnacle of offensive football operations. Should be a great show for college football freaks and casual fans alike.

Matchups, links, deconstruction of Vegas sentiment and my pick for Ducky to get his push-ups on more than Mike the Tiger after the jump. (more…)


based on the company their quarterbacks keep…

Tim Tebow – Florida

Mark Sanchez – formerly of USC

Colt McCoy with wholesome girlfriend – Texas

Matthew Stafford – formerly of Georgia (excellent fitness level, minimal aftermarket parts)

Jimmy Clausen – Notre Dame FAIL

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Blake Gideon

Fans of Longhorn football have blamed their snub from the Big 12 Championship Game on the Harris Poll, the BCS, global warming and probably even Barack Obama. Others blame the conference’s choice to defer the three-way tie settlement to the polls rather than settling on the field. 

I hate to do this, but this was settled on the field and not the neutral field Red River Classic.

Months of preparation and hours of filmwork came down to the final moments of the November 1 epic Texas Tech game – and true freshman safety Blake Gideon dropped an easy interception that would have tied the Longhorns invitation to the BCS National Title Game up with a bow.

(A refresher – go to the 2:30 mark as Tech QB Graham Harrell scrambles left, flips a fastball to WR Ed Britton who tips it skyward. As ESPN Kirk Herbstriet points out on the footage this is a drill done every day with the defense, and Gideon flat drops the biggest sporting opportunity of his young life.

 Texas Tech final drive versus Texas

 Next play – Crabtree touchdown and the fans are on the field.)

Some background – Blake Gideon is the LAST Newcomer listed in the Phil Steele 2008 College Football Preview but quickly moved into the starting lineup under first year defensive coordinator Will Muschamp. He was building quite the brand name for himself in the first two months of the season. His Facebook page likely was filled with awful, hurtful things after the drop so I hope at least one of his 671 friends came to his defense.

 Just one year ago Gideon was at his high school homecoming, and right now he is the most likely villain in a year of almosts for the Texas Longhorns. Now fans and Texas coaches alike blame the outcome of this once magical season on external factors rather than realizing they had it in their hands. Actually, if you watch the replay Gideon whiffed on the interception in a Rob Deer-like fashion.

 The Gideon story serves as a microcosm of life in general – years of training only prepare you for the spotlight, it does not guarantee a grand performance. Some people “drop the ball”, others grab it and carry it to glory. If you are good enough, you get a few shots at the big play and you can bet Gideon drills himself mercilessly for the next big event.

I can appreciate why no one points this out now; many would cite sensitivity to the young man’s ego but the more likely case is that a month ago is ancient history. Please understand that I wish no ill will to Blake at all – the way his career leapt ahead at such an early age suggests great things for him. My wish for the kid is that he will make a play for the ages and Chris Connely will perform the “Behind the Music” like interview, and I certainly don’t want him to go Donnie Moore on us as if this were the end of his existence.

But the geographical and emotional distance I possess allows me to remind Longhorn fans that you had the national title in your grasp. You may still have a shot at the national title if the SEC fails to impress the voters – but likely you should prepare for the Cotton or the Fiesta.

Courtesy of, here are the favorite for the college football national title for the 2008-2009 season. Missouri and Kansas seem like strong early values, plus my love for Texas Tech in 2008 should be no surprise and they are 100-1!


Daryl TalleyUSA today reports on the upcoming college football conference commissioner meeting in Miami this week. It highlights the once-fractured landscape of the game evolving into a BCS coalition that is marketing the game on a national level.

Has the playoff noise settled down yet, or will it crescendo as summer turns to fall ad Buckeye fans await a third straight loss in the championship game (Jim Kelly and Daryl Talley are very proud of Ohio State’s accomplishments)? (more…)

With a flurry of stars declaring early for the NFL Draft only four of the Top 20 rushers return for the 2008 college football season. This could be the deepest RB crop in a decade.

The top returning rusher for the 2008 season will be junior Kent State RB Eugene Jarvis (5th, 1669 yards, 10 TD), followed by junior Chris ‘Beanie’ Wells (11-1609-15) (right, Icon SMI),  junior Southern Mississipi RB Damion Fletcher (13th-1586-15) and senior Javon Ringer of Michigan State (20th-1447-6). Of course this assumes that none of these declare by the tomorrow’s Tuesday January 15 deadline.

A quick roll call of the junior RB dashing for cash making the 2008 NFL Draft one of the strongest RB classes ever, and the heir apparents:

Darren McFaddenDarren McFadden and Felix Jones, Arkansas – Many have Run DMc as their top prospect, and Felix Jones is probably a first-day pick also. Razorbacks gutted by their departure plus the FB/HB hybrid senior Peyton Hillis. New head coach Bobby Petrino will be building from the ground up with WR Marcus Monk and two offensive linemen graduating. Drew pointed to there being a rebuilding year in his Cotton Bowl wrapup, but I have a gut feeling that RB Michael Smith and maybe even QB Casey Dick wll do fine under the Petrino system – at least for the two years Petrino will stay at Arkansas.

Kevin Smith, UCF – our National Player of the Year is a tough inside runner with just enough of a top gear to break off long runs. Sounds like Emmitt Smith but I have a hard time making that comparison despite Kevin breaking Emmitt’s career college rushing yards record. Given UCF personnel expect some JUCO work to be done by head coach George O’Leary.

Ray Rice, Rutgers – Rutgers force fed carries to Rice since the middle of his freshman year, so this is the right move for him since he is a run-up-the-middle type despite his size. When Rice got a breather we did see some flashes from junior to be Kordell Young behind a line with three seniors and wunder-freshman Anthony Davis.

Jonathan Stewart, Oregon – we have said it from Day One around here – Stewart will be a better pro than a college player similar to Brandon Jacobs now of the New York Giants. 6-foot and 235 pounds, Calista Flockhart like body fat and sub-4.5 forty times should propel him to early second-round material at worst. Jeremiah Johnson spelled Stewart well between nicks and breathers, and his

Rashard Mendenhall, Illinois – Mendenhall owns the multi-talented skill set that the NFL likes, but he may need to add ten to twenty pounds. Mendenhall leaves his brother Walter as the new starter if it is possible to project a Ron Zook lineup before spring practive – I am sure he has put extra effort into texting the top running recruits for the last week.

James Davis, Clemson – I have linked to the article that outlines his meager beginnings – coupled with the crowded backfield this is absolutely the right decision for him, especially if he is a first-day pick. That whooshing sound is CJ Spiller moving up our 2008 Draft Kit.

Steve Slaton, West Virginia – he had to go pro, I will not deny him that. We at FCB have consistently marveled at Slaton’s speed as well as his penchant to disappear in big games. We revelled in his 200-yard and three-TD performances, but moreso were disappointed by his ten carrie and fifty yard yawners. I am not sure whether to blame his fire, his injury-prone nature or simply the offensive QB-read option that allowed Pat White to often look like the better runner. Slaton will have tremendous measurables but I fear will fall short in the NFL.

Oh, did I mention that this mass exodus may make Noel Devine worthy of the #1 RB slot in 2008?

Jim Tressel deserves credit for creating a college football dynasty at Ohio State, appearing in their third National Championship game this decade with his Buckeyes. Just like 2006 the Buckeyes took an early lead on a huge play, this time a 65-yard run by RB Chris “Beanie” Wells, and again like last year that about summed up the Buckeye offensive excitement.

For the second year in a row the Buckeyes journeyed to the final only to come up short, this time to the LSU Tigers in a 38-24 final in the BCS Championship Game.