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too bad about that loss to the Beavers for your BCS Title Game chances, but on the positive side the USC defense will likely filet the Ohio State Buckeyes in the Rose Bowl.

While Southern Cal again takes the top spot in all three of our defensive categories, the North Texas Mean Green were thisclose to being the Bizarro-Trojans by finishing last in all three categories except yards per point. Washington State saved them the embarrassment by asking opponents to cover less than ten yards for each point scored this year.

And this picture – best big hit photo of the day as Notre Dame (#33 ranked unit) defensive back David Bruton (27) makes a special teams tackle on Syracuse punt returner Ryan Howard (21) during the embarrassing loss this past weekend (thanks ICON SMI).

Whether you are in your fantasy bowl game, need some light reading for the holidays or want to prepare for a weekend of rivalry matchups check out our exclusive defense rankings. (more…)


Some fantasy leagues have their championship week starting Wednesday, some leagues have already crowned their season winner – regardless we will keep you up to date with the latest defense rankings as we also stare down some amazing games on tap with national title implications.

First off, #1 USC slipped a little bit – they no longer possess the perfect score of #1 rankings in each category of Yards Per Play allowed (YPP), Yards per Point allowed (YPPt) and Points per Game allowed (PPG). Boise State stole the YPPt #1 rank after crushing Idaho.

This week the nation pauses to watch a Big 12 showdown of #43 defense Texas Tech visiting #49 Oklahoma – both teams seem to employ a “bend-but-don’t-break” defense that gives up long plays but shuts down near the end zone.

Ohio State moves back up the charts, now poised at #8 and hosting a moribund “get a life” Michigan Wolverines that sport the 80th ranked defense.

Finally the Holy War of Utah determines the MWC Champ as #21 Defense BYU visits the #11 Utes that allow just 16 ppg.

To the total list – and yes, continue to play whomever you can against Washington State (huskies in the Apple Cup) and North Texas (Going to Middle Tennessee)…


Nyan Boateng gets jacked upThe USC Trojans continue their dominance over all college football offenses by crushing Cal 17-3 this weekend, and they continue to lead the nation in all the categories that make up our exclusive BlitzIndex defense rankings (Yards per play, Yards per point and points per game).

This weeks version is different for three reasons:

  1. I am at 12,000 feet above sea level at Keystone Lodge in Colorado for my first ski vacation (this should illustrate my dedication to readers that I am doing this at 730am MST)
  2. I am using Mrs. Mullins work laptop which contains more Microsoft software than I am comfortable with. But Excel did allow me to…
  3. round the BlitzIndex variables to one decimal place which I have always thought would be more useful anyway.

Rankings after the jump…


Lots of discussion on the nets and on the TV about schedule strength in relation to the BCS standings – would an undefeated Penn State and its weak BigTen slate eclipse a one-loss SEC team like Florida, or a slightly blemished Big 12 team?

A more interesting question – see how little love the computers and the pollsters give the USC Trojans after another siege of the college football version of the Dardanelles – the state of Washington.

USC maintains its top spot {#1 nationally in PPG allowed (7.13), Yards per play allowed (3.33) and yards per point allowed (29.70)} on our exclusive BlitzIndex college football defense rankings, but I must highlight that a combined 125-0 destruction of the Washington schools skews the results.

In the Trojan favor I humbly submit their body of work that includes a seperate shutout of Arizona State and the allowance of simply a field goal against Ohio State as evidence of their defensive mastery. The Beavers upset stands out as one of the nation’s most interesting statistical anomalies of the season, even then Trojans only allowed 27 points (for comparison Pitt allows 27 PPG and ranks 77th nationally!).

Full rankings after the jump… (more…)

Rutgers CB Devin McCourty (21) tips the ball away from Pitt WR Jonathan Baldwin (82)Fantasy playoffs, Florida plays Georgia, and Texas and Texas Tech butt heads  Рthis weekend is shaping up to be a very important one for the college football landscape. Last week had many high scoring games and as a result there was some shuffling around in our weekly defense rankings.

USC remains in the top spot, Florida’s cat-stomping of Kentucky exposed their highly ranked defense, and LSU moved all the way down to 78 after Georgia crushed them in Death Valley. And as usual the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Washington St., and Idaho) appears void of any semblance of resistance to their own end zones.

Unless your fantasy squad can be called Depth Valley, use the BlitzIndex to optimize your starting lineups for what may be your most important game of the year as we head to the playoffs.


North Texas linebackers only hope to lay the wood like the ref in the South Carolina- LSU game…

I guess he got the call from Buffalo Wild Wings…*ding*.

Our exclusive defense rankings are below, and we have a new #2 and the same old #120 (remember you can sort the columns to make it easier to analyze your matchups) (more…)

Not so Mean GreenSome very interesting matchups this week that you can exploit via the BlitzIndex, either on the waiver wires, kicker adds or in your lineup choices – or you could just make up your entire team of whomever plays North Texas defense.

To paraphrase my friend Jeff “Pontius” Pilate, “(Mean Green)’s a special kind of bad”. UL-Lafayette’s WR Jason Chery just scored another TD on Sunday morning (sarcasm alert) to add to the 5 scored in Denton on Saturday on the Ragin Cajun’s way to a 59-30 win. While WR Casey “Black Swan” Fitzgerald had one of the biggest receiving games of anyone this season, the bigger story is that North Texas has consistently allowed the most points and yards per game all year long (#120 wire-to-wire is very possible).

To the matchups:¬† (more…)