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Sorry Dennis Dixon, but the injury knocks you off my list…

tebow2.jpg1. Tim Tebow, QB Florida

Only player in history to eclipse 20 TD both passing and rushing. Tied SEC record for rushing TD in a season. Without Tebow (left, ICON SMI) the Gators are barely .500 due to the rebuilding defense. Tebow has not had a bad game yet statistically or leadership wise. Regardless of Sophomore standing, he is the best player in college football.

2. Chase Daniel, QB Missouri

Daniel is #2 because Dixon gets hurt and the team quits about 15 minutes later – maybe that shows his worth, but a leader needs to inspire even when not capable of playing (see Brennan, Colt). Chase does deserve the accolades based on the 30-9 ratio and the strong 10-1 record – heck, he has to make up for the worst punting unit in the country! and that only loss was to a pretty good Illinois in Week One. If he comes up big in the Kansas game this weekend he might earn some #1 votes unless…

3. Todd Reesing, QB Kansas

The leader of the Cinderella story of 2007. When teams many deemed better can’t close the important games, the Jayhawks continue to win. Reesing is 8th in QB efficiency and has a better 30-4 ratio than Daniel, but in this race you kinda have to count off for strength of schedule. Again, this all could change if the Jayhawks take out Mizzou and then take on the Big 12 Championship.

4. Kevin Smith, RB UCF

Carrying a team on your back is what the Heisman is all about, so 24K is perfect candidate – except he plays in Conference USA. Leads nation in TDs and been extremely consistent with only one sub-par game at USF.

5. Graham Harrell, Texas Tech – huge ten games over 400 yards this year, an NCAA record. four losses is a killer to his chances (PS – how good will he be next year when the receivers are more comfy?)

Also, sorry to Matt Ryan – great comeback win over Clemson, but those last two games knocked you so far back that it will be hard to get you back on it.