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Chris Long abused this blocker like he abused Daniel\'s selection projection .Daniel Freer of Fantasy College Blitz offers some observations from this weekend’s NFL Draft.

Like many 2008 NFL Draft prognosticators, I watched in horror as my “Mock” Mock Draft went from a comedy to a tragedy. Complete with a Bee Gees falsetto.
Yes, I blew it by picking Virginia DE/LB Chris Long (right, Icon SMI) way too low (second pick overall, by the St Louis Rams). However, what really threw me off was the New England Patriots taking Tennessee LB Jerod Mayo at #10. Getting first rounders in the wrong order is not too troubling, but, when players not projected in the first round go in the first round…that is a problem.
Possibly the Pats front-office read my NFL “Mock” Mock Draft from last week, and did not like my video references.

A friendly notice that Vince Mullins will appear Friday April 25 at 9am EDT on 1310AM KXAN Radio in Phoenix and on the web at The Positive Side of Sports.

Vince will discuss the NFL Draft with a focus on the Arizona teams both pro and collegiate. Listen or call in with questions, and check out host Ray Garibaldi and his star-studded staff like Charles Barkley and Dave Kreig.

Brady Ackerman is a Florida football institution – the former Gator RB has progressed through coaching to host talk radio around the state while settling in Orlando the last few years.

While he calls it a sports talk radio show, the diehard listeners to ESPN 1080 in Orlando Florida revel in a “football talk radio show” that talks pro, college and even Florida prep ball.

Ack sat down with me via email and brought his point of view to the Sunshine State pro teams and the rest of the talent in general.

Vince Mullins: Starting with your Florida focus, let us dig in to the Dolphins first – who is their first pick? Since they need so much help and should trade down, what teams may work a deal?

Ack: I think the Dolphins take Chris Long (right, Icon SMI) from Virginia. He will be a flex-type defensive end that can play in a 3-4 system…

(continued at Fantasy College Blitz)

Focusing on the offensive skill positions, Vince Mullins and Drew Smith answer the burning questions ahead of the 2008 NFL Draft on April 26.

We’ll talk sleepers, reverse sleepers and where we project many of the big names (Matt Ryan, Darren McFadden, etc.) to begin their professional football careers.

niners.jpgIn preparing our NFL Draft coverage at Fantasy College Blitz I again looked at the current depth charts in the NFL for weaknesses and then to the stats to see what NFL teams needed immediate help moving the ball.

I knew that the San Francisco 49ers stunk (right, in own end zone, Icon SMI) up the joint last year, but this bad?

  • 32nd in yards per play (4.36, tops was New England Patriots at 6.35),
  • last in red zone possessions (only 29 – Jacksonville Jaguars had double and came in 3rd), and
  • last with only 5.3 yards per passing attempt (get JAMES HARDY!!!!)

I thought I would share the spartan Google Spreadsheet with everyone – here is the link.


Pro Football Weekly interviewed Oklahoma State WR Adarius Bowman about his professional expectations – and they don’t seem to include bulking up to play tight end…

My favorite excerpt (I am a sucker for anyone displaying passion about their craft…):

PFW: What is the thing you’re most looking forward to heading into the draft?

Bowman: … You see these guys on TV growing up and to actually be out there playing with them, that’s gonna be a trip. I can’t wait to see what that’s gonna be like. It’s kind of hard to sit here and talk about all this stuff. You’ve got all these feelings and all these emotions and you want to just sit back and wait for it to be done but at the same time you can’t wait for it to get here. It’s hard not to be excited.

Our Pre-draft rankings will differ from many you will read, mainly because we do  not try to project the order that players will be drafted. We prefer to project how they will rank in a couple years and who has the most upside. I also extended the list to include some unique names that have made some noise on the workout circuit.

1) James Hardy, Indiana – JR – 6-5.5/220/4.50
I will admit he is still a raw talent with a couple off-field issues, but I think he has a lot of upside based on his hands, height and hoops athleticism. Disappeared in some games but can be excused since he was the only receiving threat.

2) Malcolm Kelly, Oklahoma – JR – 6-4/215/4.50
Most polished of the WR prospects, could step in to any team as WR2 except Indy or NE. Height, speed an hands are all there but I am not sure he will get much better.

3) Jordy Nelson, Kansas State – SR – 6-2.5/217/4.63
It seems Nelson is not getting the love he deserves in most draft boards, and I just don’t see why not. Plus-size, big digits but average speed.

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