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DeAndre Brown (15) catches a touchdown pass in The US Army All-American BowlOrlando sentinel reports (scroll past the bellyaching George O’Leary – ironic he criticizes truth in reporting) from Conference USA Media Day that all-everything freshman WR DeAndre Brown made it through the NCAA Clearinghouse and can begin practices with the Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles. This news truly upgrades the entire offense under new Head Coach Larry Fedora, know for running the “FengShui offense” known for its run/pass balance.

As the WR analyst, I expect Brown to move way up on the revised cheatsheet coming out soon – the main reason for his not being on the Top 55 earlier was the academic concerns. If your draft is proceeding on a message board near you, move Brown into the Top 30 since he is easily the most gifted athletically of the Eagle wideouts.

I think it is also fair to upgrade TE Shawn Nelson also since he now has another threat to occupy a safety. I am particularly excited about the TE class this year, a great mix of the classical big TE (Gresham, Pettigrew) along with lots of “ultra-big WRs” at the position (Gronkowski, Coffman, Nelson, Hill).

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Hello and welcome to Fantasy College Blitz’s second printing of its annual Coach’s Manual.  We created this to assist new and experienced owners alike.  This handbook will pass along helpful big-picture strategies and insights so that you might better prepare for the 2008 fantasy college football season.  What you won’t find in this handbook are any sort of cheat sheets, player projections or player rankings.  For that information, please look over our website.

Instead, we updated past articles such as the debunking of misconceptions on the idea that playing college fantasy football is complex.  We’ll rerun a piece about the 2007 Superbowl and how fantasy college football saw it coming.  Inside, you will have introductory information on how to start a league if you are new to the idea of taking fantasy to the college level.  We’ve added last seasons results to reprise our chapters that focus on fantasy information beyond the actual players – let the guy sitting next to you at the draft pick players solely by using some cheat sheet.  With this guide, your draft decisions will be backed with added information such as the most consistent fantasy dynasties, which conferences offer the top fantasy talent and the understanding of what types of players to focus on to build your championship roster.  We’ve also added new content to discuss stadium effects, the five football injuries from hell and additional team management strategies.

At the end of the day, we know from past experience that there is nothing better than beating the guys in your league.  Except for maybe bringing home the trophy, taking their girlfriends and most importantly collecting the stuff that goes into the bank.  We hope this Owner’s Playbook helps you score in college.  Enjoy!

The Series If you are forward-thinking enough to have searched for and found our site, I know that you are looking for insight that makes your draft preparation more effective, not just efficient.

When faced with 120 FBS schools (no more Division 1, you know), it is important to identify the schools and coaching staffs that consistently produce above average offensive numbers.

You already know that a Texas Tech WR has a better chance of outperformance rather than a WR from Ole Miss – this is the second year we have taken this concept to the next level with our Offensive Dynasty Study.

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