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Sherman's Scorched EarthFirst off, best wishes to all of you as you progress through the playoffs in your leagues. I would like to think that Fantasy College Blitz is your General Sherman of college football knowledge leading many in a scorched earth policy through the southern portion of the fantasy college football landscape.

Speaking of Southern references, I am a big proponent of the concept that this time of year is like the annual cotillion after the harvest. Or your own personal homecoming dance. Just don’t overthink your selection of mates, you dance with the girl that has always been by your side. Hence, start your best players regardless of matchup since they got you to this point..

So you know your permastarters (minus the “three strikes and you are out” SMU duo) so our focus this week will be some WR3 type players. TO THE MATCHUPS!



James Casey, or Thor, of Rice universityWhen you watch a game on TV and the analyst/former player/ former washed-up coach talks about the “hot receiver”, it references which skill player is uncovered due to the defense blitzing an extra player. In fantasy college football, I like to use the term to see who is on a three-week hot streak.

Inspired by Drew’s article on the best RB performers of the past three weeks, I took a look at U-sports for some receivers trends also. Some tidbbits:

  • #1 TE Rice James Casey owns the #10 receiver spot as well. Cool backstory here.  TDs running, passing and receiving in the last three weeks.
  • Oklahoma State WR Dez Bryant is #1 WR with “only” 365 yards, but 5TD catches and a punt return TD.
  • Most receptions in last three weeks? The Black Swan, Casey Fitzgerald of North Texas. PS – Is QB Giovanni Vizza still on your waiver wire? He is (was) in FCB Select so i grabbed him for the heck of it since the schedule sets up so nicely in the Sun Belt.
  • SMU Emmanuel Sanders is looking up at his teammate Aldrick Robinson on the score sheet. Robinson has 200 yards more than Sanders and QB Mitchell may finally have figured out the scheme.
  • DeAndre Brown finally has arrived – a preseason Top 50 had four TD last week in a Southern Miss win, a stinker against Boise and a quality start the week before. C-USA schedule is a gift of poor defenses, so kudos to you if you held on to him all season.

Let’s breakdown the best of the rest… (more…)

Dez Brynat (1) and Brandon Pettigrew celebrateWhy choose from just two options when you can choose from over 120? Here are some early returns before your ballots are due.

  1. Mike Crabtree, Texas Tech at Texas A&M (BlitzIndex D#107) – START OF THE WEEK (why did I sit him in the Head2Head league?)
  2. Jarett Dillard, Rice host Southern Mississippi (88) – multiple TDs are a lock for the all-time career record holder for WR TDs.
  3. Dez Bryant (right, Icon SMI), Oklahoma State hosts Baylor (63) – Pokes need to mind the possibiity of a let down – if they don’t, Bear QB Robert Griffin likely will remind them quickly.
  4. Jeremy Maclin, Missouri at Texas (20) – game of the week, Longhorns likely to win but they will give up passing yards and scores. (more…)

80's Rock God costumeReceivers usually wear numbers in the 80’s, and while I was typing out my thoughts on the wrong side of midnight my iPod got on an 80’s kick. Naturally, I chose to combine the two together for what i hope is an informative and entertaining look at Week 6 start/sit that compares some wideouts to the greatest bands and songs of the 80’s. The look back will include thoughts of where these guys were rated in preseason.

Mike Crabtree hosting Nebraska (BI 77) – Pre-season #1 come in at #3 so far this season – solid. he has never played Nebraska, but this is a similar D that let Maclin and Love get very loose in the secondary. In retrospect, I can’t believe I was whining about his stats a couple weeks ago – he has a TD in 9 of last 10. If he is the class of the group, then you have to compare him to U2 as the biggest band to come out of the time (and the two decades afterward). Going with Bullet the Blue Sky… as both share an air of shock and awe.

Jarett Dillard – preseason #2 is right on schedule, may be #1 in PPR systems. Dillard is idle, but DBs continue to get spun around like a record.

Dez Bryant at Jeremy Maclin – these two are hotter than Sheena Easton (Prince epoch) (more…)

Chase Clement and Jarett Dillard of RiceRemember, if you take on too much risk and cannot field a suitable lineup, Fantasy College Blitz will bail you out with an injection of much needed intellectual capital.

No votes required, significant restrictions do apply, see dealer for details.


  1. Mike Crabtree, Texas Tech at Kansas State (BI 20) – #20 Wildcat defense but that was achieved against much lesser competition.
  2. Chris Williams, New Mexico State hosts Alcorn State (FCS) – ahh, homecoming…Troy put up 733 yards up on the Braves earlier this year. Ouch.
  3. Jarett Dillard (right, Houston Chronicle), Rice at Tulsa (71)- potential fantasy game of the year! Dillard has a huge lead in the active career TD catch mark (50-28), and his tandem with Chase Clement is histories most prolific TD combo (cool picture gallery of North Texas game here) at 40 and counting. Tulsa BlitzIndex looks OK, but they had trouble stopping FCS Central Arkansas last week – granted UCA has an NFL prospect at QB but that was not the tune-up they needed ahead of the Owls.
  4. Mike Thomas, Arizona hosts Washington (#116) – Start of the week as Washington defense is likely as bad as their BlitzIndex suggests, but they have lined up opposite BYU and Oklahoma already. With Locker hurt the Huskies will likely struggle to maintain field position that only helps AZ.
  5. Jeremy Maclin, Missouri at Nebraska (39)- the Husker defense has seen nothing like this all season, wouldn’t shock me to see the Tigers score 50 again. They remind me a lot of that 2006 Louisville team that could not be stopped. (more…)

Jeremy Maclin of the Missouri TigersPardon the harsh words, but what I would give after a tough week of work to see the artistry of a Max Hall deep ball to Austin Collie, Michael Crabtree catching a post pattern in perfect stride, Jeremy Maclin (right, Icon SMI) weaving through the punt team like a sine wave, or a battle on the Blue Turf. And I get none of it!

Texas Tech, Missouri, BYU, Boise, Southern Miss and Arizona all off – no offense to the Golden Eagles nor Wildcats, I just thought the bit was going too long.

Speaking of going long…


I am lengthening the list this week, not just based on the number of byes of top programs but because I am in favor of the early season performances and the schedules to come. In order of confidence:

Greg Carr, WR of Florida State SeminolesWeek One served up some hellacious upsets and some new names on the scene. I hope you checked out my Twitter feed to follow the action – and yes, I was watching the Navy-Towson game…that is why I do what I do. I GO DEEP.

I will soon dig in to some of the interesting matchups for the week now that the totals are out (I feel naked without them) – but you know what comes first…


1. Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech at Nevada (Get it in Gear, you BAMF – #3 start of the week)
2. Chris Williams, New Mexico State IDLE (Again? Is he on a milk carton?)
3. Jarett Dillard, Rice at Memphis (My #1 start of the week, all formats)
4. Dante Love, Ball State vs. Navy (FRIDAY – this could get ugly)
5. Emmanuel Sanders, SMU vs. Texas State Armadillos (Friday)
6. Michael Thomas, Arizona vs. Toledo (#2 start of week)
7. Jeremy Maclin, Missouri vs. SEMO (stay tuned on ankle tendon, early call is he suits up)
8. Casey Fitzgerald, North Texas hosts Tulsa (looking for more than 3 out of the Green)
9. Bryan Anderson, Central Michigan at Georgia (testing the theory here – I admit I had to start Greg Orton of Purdue vs. Northern Colorado over him in one league.)
10. Dez Bryant, Oklahoma State hosts Houston (a barnburner. Just throw it high to Dez)

Hot Routes

New QB Christian Ponder for Florida State – immediately upgrade Greg Carr (right, Icon SMI).