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Oklahoma sophomore quarterback Sam Bradford Texas Tech junior QB Graham Harrell

Our Forum on Ning spawned a couple excellent writers/entertainers this season. Most of you know the effervescent “Neil Young” but you should also get to know Topher Dean.

Topher comes through again with some great analysis of the best values at’s College Salary Cap Game. My favorite snippet:

So do you start Bradford or Harrell? Don’t choose. Start them both.

His top ten through week 11 of the H2H season:



Lots of discussion on the nets and on the TV about schedule strength in relation to the BCS standings – would an undefeated Penn State and its weak BigTen slate eclipse a one-loss SEC team like Florida, or a slightly blemished Big 12 team?

A more interesting question – see how little love the computers and the pollsters give the USC Trojans after another siege of the college football version of the Dardanelles – the state of Washington.

USC maintains its top spot {#1 nationally in PPG allowed (7.13), Yards per play allowed (3.33) and yards per point allowed (29.70)} on our exclusive BlitzIndex college football defense rankings, but I must highlight that a combined 125-0 destruction of the Washington schools skews the results.

In the Trojan favor I humbly submit their body of work that includes a seperate shutout of Arizona State and the allowance of simply a field goal against Ohio State as evidence of their defensive mastery. The Beavers upset stands out as one of the nation’s most interesting statistical anomalies of the season, even then Trojans only allowed 27 points (for comparison Pitt allows 27 PPG and ranks 77th nationally!).

Full rankings after the jump… (more…)

Before I dig in to the yummy Halloween treats of Week 10 of the fantasy college football season, I want to throw out a bunch of quotes from the Huss Bachelor Party of Vegas Proportions:

We don’t have Bud Light Lime, we have Bud Light Lime….I love this horse Curlin, he’s a lock! Big favorite! Run the trifecta with him to win!….Crap, I still need to bet $5 for the college football contest? OK, guess I will just do a parlay for the night games – lemme see, Bama, Oregon and WTF lets go with Notre Dame…There is no such German name as Sharon…and Sunny and Sky of the Vegan Vixens, great to meet you.

OK on to the games – let us shake up the permastarters.. (more…)

Rutgers CB Devin McCourty (21) tips the ball away from Pitt WR Jonathan Baldwin (82)Fantasy playoffs, Florida plays Georgia, and Texas and Texas Tech butt headsĀ  – this weekend is shaping up to be a very important one for the college football landscape. Last week had many high scoring games and as a result there was some shuffling around in our weekly defense rankings.

USC remains in the top spot, Florida’s cat-stomping of Kentucky exposed their highly ranked defense, and LSU moved all the way down to 78 after Georgia crushed them in Death Valley. And as usual the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Washington St., and Idaho) appears void of any semblance of resistance to their own end zones.

Unless your fantasy squad can be called Depth Valley, use the BlitzIndex to optimize your starting lineups for what may be your most important game of the year as we head to the playoffs.


Ohio State running back Chris’s College Football Salary Cap Game made many changes to their salary structure this week to adjust for underperformance – lucky for you I am here to show you there are some bargains to be had.

At first I thought it was a sign of the times that there were no players getting raises, but their marketing guru Nikki reminded me that would be unfair to those of you who have locked in early values on fantasy studs like Sam Bradford and most notably Josh Freeman and do not want to spend any cash on lineup adjustments.

Harumph to those of you.

Here are the largest changes, the bargain bin. There are some stud RBs in particular that you should look at now: (more…)

Bryan Anderson of Central Michigan moves into our Top TenAs camps have opened my perceptions of many college football offenses have changed. Coaches banter in vaguaries, ACLs get shredded, and quarterbacks are missing in action.

Given all the movement in my current WR list from the original one in July, I thought I would share some of the rationale.

Bryan Anderson and Dez Bryant flop spots while moving up

They have been in the low-teens on my cheatsheet the whole time, and both continue to creep higher as I grow less confident of Percy Harvin‘s health and Malcolm Lane‘s QB. This came up Thursday night in the FCB select draft – I had my choice of either at one point and went with Anderson (right, Icon SMI). Granted, the scoring awarded .5 points per reception but upon further reflection this makes sense for all scoring systems. I felt much better when I was able to get Dez in the next round anyway.

Casey Fitzgerald from #6 to #8

CFO Drew and I seriously broke down the Mighty Casey numbers from 2007 and I have nicknamed him the Black Swan due to the seventh-standard-deviation type numbers he puts up and how that mimics the concepts in the best-selling book by Massim Taleb.