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Chris Long abused this blocker like he abused Daniel\'s selection projection .Daniel Freer of Fantasy College Blitz offers some observations from this weekend’s NFL Draft.

Like many 2008 NFL Draft prognosticators, I watched in horror as my “Mock” Mock Draft went from a comedy to a tragedy. Complete with a Bee Gees falsetto.
Yes, I blew it by picking Virginia DE/LB Chris Long (right, Icon SMI) way too low (second pick overall, by the St Louis Rams). However, what really threw me off was the New England Patriots taking Tennessee LB Jerod Mayo at #10. Getting first rounders in the wrong order is not too troubling, but, when players not projected in the first round go in the first round…that is a problem.
Possibly the Pats front-office read my NFL “Mock” Mock Draft from last week, and did not like my video references.

Joe Flacco from Delaware during the 2008 Senior Bowl.John, Drew and me sit down to discuss how we plan to cover the upcoming NFL Draft on April 26 on the first podcast of 2008.

Since we have seen Joe Flacco play about as often as anyone, we feel we have something to contribute to the conversation…