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This college football season has been a mobile one, with actual road trips from Orlando, FL to Troy, AL and to Athens, GA – but the top of the heap was the Fantasy College Blitz crew’s flight to Boise, Idaho this past Sunday as the Broncos hosted and undermanned New Mexico State.

And by undermanned I mean like hockey after a melee 5-on-3 matchup – Boise won 58-0 and used 4 QBs. So let us focus on the sites around the stadium (click on thumbnail to expand, pics mostly taken on a Samsung Blackjack phone).

KB in Boise A couple of our mornings started with some of the best huevos rancheros ever at KBs on Capitol Blvd. Cool vibe (bright colors, and the luscious non-sequitor of a widescreen TV flanked by Tibetan prayer flags.Daniel wore that bright orange “Don’t Shoot Me” Bronco hoodie for most of the weekend and fit right in.
Boise PJs As we walked thru the grocery in search of sustenance both liquid and solid, this guy is picking up a rotisserie chicken in Boise State Bronco pajamas. Or window treatments sewn like an outfit. I kid only because if this came in Gator, Oklahoma State Cowboy or Tampa Bay Bucs style I would rock them far more often than my wife would be comfortable with in public.Did I mention matching Nikes?That Albertsons had one of the most knowledgeable beer guys stocking the shelves ever – he turned us on to 2 Below Winter Ale by the makers of Fat Tire. Thought I tasted some cloves and some cinnamony undertones, but what do I know..
pic-0069.jpg A custom Boise State van with a flaming goal post mounted on top. Priceless handiwork, plus Steve and the gang were more than helpful teaching us how to open a beer bottle with a lighter. Daniel has scars to prove it.
Mrs. Johnson So I am knocking back a said Ale and I saw the biggest celebrity in town not named Larry CraigChrissy Popadics-Johnson!!! Unfortunately I had just spray painted my hair orange – so I stayed behind the camera rather than foul her beauty with my presence. You know, just like I do around most women. I would like to think it was wise not to bring up all the racist crap surrounding that blessed day – I thought about it a couple times but erred on the side of good taste for once.
Mrs. Johnson2.jpg I let the rest of the squad in on this one. Notice her radiance even in poor light. Well done Ian. Far right, that is the lovely Delta Flight attendant named Patty who invited us to their spot where we met the power brokers of Boise finance and real estate. Tremendous people all around town. The only blight of our trip was rapper Lil Wayne arrested after his show at the Qwest arena. That same weekend saw the arena host a rodeo and minor league hockey game. Lil show for Lil Wayne…
pic-0075.jpg We thought we might have difficulty getting our immense banner in the stadium, so we made this crude sign.
The Boise State women’s soccer team got behind the effort.
pic-0087.jpg They said it was an homage to the Jackass movies. Whatever it was, it stood out in a full stadium.
This could be our new promo campaign.