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Finally we have dried out from the trip to Mobile, Alabama this weekend and the FCB crew has finished up their water-logged reviews of the offensive skill positions (Jason Hill TD catch below).

It took me a while to type mine since both Drew and Daniel forcefully restrained me when I wantted to ask Colorado kicking sensation Mason Crosby

“No one questions your accuracy, but many are worried about your leg strength in the pro game – how do you respond to your detractors?”

Who knew sarcasm could hurt so much?

No more adieu…here are the links and excerpts at Fantasy College Blitz.

  • Poor Chris Leak. After finally silencing critics with his tour-de-force in the National Championship Game, he got stuck behind an underwhelming South offensive line in the Senior Bowl….Quarterbacks by Daniel Freer
  • For Lorenzo Booker, I can see a career similar to Kevin Faulk of the Patriots…Running Backs by Drew Smith
  • I find it hard to believe Aundrae Allison will not be a productive #2 and/or punt returner on the big stage….Wide Receivers by Vince Mullins

Stay tuned throughout the spring as we continue to break down the NFL Draft offensive skill positions.


Our road trip to Mobile no doubt mimicked the journey many of these elite college football players’ careers have taken to the 2007 Senior Bowl.

The exciting highs and the gut wrenching lows at the penultimate level of competition culminate at this all-star event…Not really-the trip in my Urban Assault Vehicle paled in comparison. There is a whole lotta nothin’ between Tallahassee and Mobile on I-10 so you better sync up the iPod before this trip.

Weather conditions look poor for quality foootball-light rain should make ball handling difficult. Of course, right after I type that the North goes 34 yards on a double reverse to the North’s Jason Hill.

Stories will follow here and at Fantasy College Blitz – Daniel will review QB and K, Drew grabs the RB, and I will break down the WR and TE

To the Senior Bowl

Posted: January 24, 2007 in NFL Draft, Senior Bowl

I say that before I leave since I do not know the state of broadband access in Mobile, Alabama…

I and the Fantasy College Blitz crew begin our trek early Friday to the finest college football all-star game in existence, the Senior Bowl at Ladd Peebles Stadium, televised on the NFL Network at 3 pm on Saturday January 27.

Media Relations czar Vic Knight was kind enough to recognize the journalistic merit of our work and issued us press passes for the game. The following is a list of the players I can’t wait to interview.

Utah’s Eric Weddle, who played just about every position including the now trendy again single wing .

Colorado’s kicker Mason Crosby, who I believe is already one of the top ten kickers ever (just to note, I said the same thing about Steve McNair as a QB before the draft. And also basketball D-list star Shawn Bradley. My record is mixed at best).

Oregon State TE Joe Newton, a 6-8 physical specimen who came back strongly from a broken leg and who should be an immediate impact in the NFL.

Rutgers RB Brian Leonard, who may be tired of the Mike Alstott comparisons but aside from Brandon Jacobs there are not a lot of 250-pound guys who can shake it and bake it while running strong too. Of course you know he has upside (slo-mo begins at 2:03)…

Catch you from Mobile.

My posting will definitely slow down over the next few months – I do not get to hyped about recruiting (fool’s errand to project a 17 year old’s maturation – see Rambo, Ken-Yon) plus there are others who do it full time like the excellent

I am working on an article that breaks down the Charlie Weis mystique, but when sharing notes with colleagues they all say I come off like a hater – not at all my intention as I just don’t see the results under Weis that were any different than under Ty Willingham, except for actually scoring points.

Here are some projects I am working on over the next couple months for you:

Senior Bowl – All the FCB crew will be in Mobile the last weekend of January, gathering interviews and soaking up some football in the winter. Just saw that the 2006 National Champion Florida Gators will be represented by quarterback Chris Leak, wide receiver Dallas Baker, linebacker Earl Everett and defensive lineman Ray McDonald in 2007 contest.

NFL Draft – a natural extension of this site to project how some stars will do at the next level. I will be mirroring those posts to Blog Critic and also Yardbarker, a couple of interesting webb communities

Fantasy College Blitz – We have some management changes to deal with as we continue to build out the best fantasy college football website in existence. Next year will have more of a DIY – blog feel to it since we had so much enjoyment with the interactivity of the Forum in 2006.

We are also evaluating whether to continue a subscription model or an ad-supported model of business as we go into Year Three. I have to say the story of fetching a $2 million price inspired us to review our subscription model, so Drew, Daniel and I are getting ready for our “winter meeting” in Mobile.

That is it for now – stay in touch!