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How’s a little Heisman intrigue splashed in with the de facto college football National Championship game sound for this Saturday?

Jeff Demps went airborne for a TD in the 2008 matchup won by Florida 31-20. Don't expect that many points again. (Icon SMI)

Florida RB Jeff Demps went airborne for a TD in the 2008 matchup won by Florida 31-20. Don't expect that many points again. (Icon SMI)

For the second year running, #1 plays #2 not in the BCS National Championship Game, but in the SEC Championship Game in Atlanta. It is must see TV for all college football fans – support your favorite team (or if suffering from Tebow Fatigue like most of the nation root for Alabama) and support your local eatery and get out of the house and enjoy what looks to be a battle of the Irresistible Force (Tim Tebow) against the Immovable Object (Terrance Cody).

I still think Colt McCoy gets the Heisman Trophy, but even I cannot deny that the SEC Bowl presents a great chance for either Mark Ingram (my #2) and Tim Tebow (my #4) to create many Heisman moments.
Quick tidbits of the national ranks

there are many other points where this is a matchup of Number One or Number Two

* Bama Rush D #2 (77ypga) vs. Gator Rush O #6 (236ypg)
* Bama Rush O #13 (213ypg)vs. Gator Rush D #8 (90ypga)
* Bama Scoring D #2 vs. Gator Scoring O #10
* Bama D yds/play #2 (3.87) vs. Gator O yds/play #7 (6.77)

Analysis, matchups and questions to ponder at Fantasy College Blitz.



ORLANDO, FL (PRESSWIRE): Contrary to news released over the weekend, college football pundit and blogger Vince Mullins denies he has talked with the University of Alabama about their vacant head coaching job, according to the Birmingham Baron.

Prior to this story coming to light, the Crimson Tide have discussed this with, and been rebuffed by:

  • Rich Rodriguez -West Virginia
  • Steve Spurrier – South Carolina
  • Jim Grobe – Wake Forest
  • Nick Saban – Miami Dolphins
  • Gene Stallings – former Alabama coach
  • Norm Chow – Tennessee Titans OC
  • Kevin Federline – estranged music producer
  • Jay Barker – former Alabama QB
  • Larry the Cable Guy – Comedian
  • Paul Johnson – Navy

“While I am flattered that people around the country find my insight on the sport to be of value, I am quite comfortable with using the Internet to make those views known,” Mullins said late Sunday. “IMHO, no one can flourish in the Alabama position with all those behind-the-scenes boosters controlling the program.”

Alabama athletics director Mal Moore declined to comment specifically on the Mullins situation in the Decatur Weekly, only repeating seven times that “there is no timetable to make a head coaching decision”.Mullins quipped in retort, “It is obvious their time table is less than three years to give any coach a chance to win a national championship. The administration needs some sort of “institutional Viagra” in order to allow the new coach time to get the job done. Please contact Mal Moore if this coaching search last more than four more weeks.”