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Brady Ackerman is a Florida football institution – the former Gator RB has progressed through coaching to host talk radio around the state while settling in Orlando the last few years.

While he calls it a sports talk radio show, the diehard listeners to ESPN 1080 in Orlando Florida revel in a “football talk radio show” that talks pro, college and even Florida prep ball.

Ack sat down with me via email and brought his point of view to the Sunshine State pro teams and the rest of the talent in general.

Vince Mullins: Starting with your Florida focus, let us dig in to the Dolphins first – who is their first pick? Since they need so much help and should trade down, what teams may work a deal?

Ack: I think the Dolphins take Chris Long (right, Icon SMI) from Virginia. He will be a flex-type defensive end that can play in a 3-4 system…

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