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niners.jpgIn preparing our NFL Draft coverage at Fantasy College Blitz I again looked at the current depth charts in the NFL for weaknesses and then to the stats to see what NFL teams needed immediate help moving the ball.

I knew that the San Francisco 49ers stunk (right, in own end zone, Icon SMI) up the joint last year, but this bad?

  • 32nd in yards per play (4.36, tops was New England Patriots at 6.35),
  • last in red zone possessions (only 29 – Jacksonville Jaguars had double and came in 3rd), and
  • last with only 5.3 yards per passing attempt (get JAMES HARDY!!!!)

I thought I would share the spartan Google Spreadsheet with everyone – here is the link.


Eight 400-yard passers, five 200-yard runners and six 150-yard receivers pace a very offensive Week Ten review.


1. Chase Clement, Rice vs. UTEP, 32-58-395T6, 3 int
2. Todd Reesing, Kansas vs. Nebraska, 30-41-354T6
3. Sam Bradford, Oklahoma vs. Texas A&M, 21-30-284T5
4. Chase Daniel, Missouri vs. Colorado, 26-44-421T5, 1 int
5. Trevor Vittatoe, UTEP vs. Rice, 30-57-373T5
6. Joe Craddock, Middle Tenn. vs. LA-Monroe, 22-29-401T4
7. Dennis Dixon (right, ICON SMI), Oregon vs. AZ State, 13-22-189T4
8. Martin Hankins, Memphis vs. E. Carolina, 34-60-416T4, 2 int
9. Chase Holbrook, NM State vs. Nevada, 35-49-407T4
10.Kellen Lewis, Indiana vs. Ball State, 22-35-354T4, 1 int
11.Max Hall, BYU vs. Colorado State, 22-30-355T3
12.Graham Harrell, Texas Tech vs Baylor, 37-46-433T3
13. Zac Robinson, OK State vs. Texas, 30-42-430T2


1. Darren McFadden, Arkansas vs. South Carolina, 35-323T1
2. Chris Johnson, East Carolina vs. Memphis, 20-301T4
3. Chad Hall, Air Force vs. Army, 34-275T1
4. Louis Rankin, Washington vs. Stanford, 36-255T1
5. Rashard Mendenhall, Illinois vs. Minnesota, 17-201T2
6. Knowshon Moreno, Georgia vs. Troy, 26-196T3
7. Kevin Smith, UCF vs. Marshall, 29-188T2
8. Jamaal Charles, Texas vs. Oklahoma State, 16-180T3
9. Calvin Dawson, LA-Monroe vs. Middle Tenn.,17-180T3
10.Chris Wells, Ohio State vs. Wisconsin, 21-169T3
11. Brandon McAnderson, Kansas vs. Nebraska, 25-119T4
12. Louis Rankin, Washington vs. Stanford, 36-255T1
13. Jalen Parmele, Toledo vs. Eastern Michigan, 22-168T3


1. Jordy Nelson, Kansas State vs. Iowa State, 14-214T1
2. Dante Love, Ball State vs. Indiana, 14-177T0
3. Jarett Dillard, Rice vs. UTEP, 11-168T2
4. Brandon Robinson, BC vs. FSU, 7-163T1
5. Maurice Purify, Nebraska vs. Kansas, 7-158T3
6. Stephen Williams, Toledo vs. Eastern Michigan, 6-150T2
7. Demetrius Byrd, LSU vs. Alabama, 6-144T1
8. Travis Beckum, Wisconsin vs. Ohio State, 9-140T1
9. Desmond Gee, Middle Tenn vs. LA-Monroe, 4-139T2
10. Brandon Gibson, Washington St vs. Cal, 4-136T0
11. Ray Fisher, Indiana vs. Ball State, 6-134T2
12. Marko Mitchell, Nevada vs. NM State, 6-132T1
13. A.J. Harris, NM State vs. Nevada, 11-130T2
13A. Mario Manningham, Michigan vs. Michigan State, 8-129T2

Colt Brennan, Icon SMI
1. Willie Tuitama, Arizona vs. Washington – 51att, 510 yards, T5
2. Graham Harrell, Texas Tech vs. Colorado – 62-431T3
3. Colt Brennan, Hawaii vs. NM State – 46-425T6
4. Aaron Opelt, Toledo vs. N. Illinois – 28-387T4
5. Dan LeFevour, C. Michigan vs. Kent St – 43-359T3
6. Martin Hankins, Memphis vs. Tulane – 38-355T2
7. Daniel Evans, NC State vs. Virginia – 46-347T3
8. Drew Weatherford, Florida State vs. Duke – 47-339T1
9. Jake Locker, Washington vs. Arizona – 30-336T2
10. Paul Smith, Tulsa vs. SMU – 45-336T3
11. Giorgio Moran, Kent St vs. C. Michigan – 28-247T3


1. Jamaal Charles, Texas vs. Nebraska – 33att, 290 yds, T3
2. Matt Forte, Tulane vs. Memphis – 44-278T2
3. Dwight Tardy, Wash. State vs. UCLA – 37-214T2
4. Anthony Alridge, Houston vs. UTEP – 27-204T0
5. Kalvin McRae, Ohio vs. Bowling Green – 42-200T3
6. Rashard Mendenhall, Illinois vs. Ball State – 28-189T2
7. Knowshon Moreno, Georgia vs. Florida – 33-188T3
8. Brandon McAnderson, Kansas vs. Texas A&M – 21-183T2
9.Kevin Smith, UCF at S. Miss – 42-175T2
9a. Albert Young, Iowa vs. Michigan State – 34-179T2
10. Marcus Thomas, UTEP vs. Houston – 28-178T0
11. Jeremy Avery, Boise State vs. Fresno – 18-124T3


1. Ryan Grice-Mullen, Hawaii vs. NM State – 13 rec,195 yds, 3TD
2. Nick Moore, Toledo vs. N Illinois – 7-145T3
3. Mike Thomas, Arizona vs. Washington – 10-165T3
4. Davone Bess, Hawaii vs. NM State – 7-112T2
5. Donald Bowens, NC State vs. Virginia – 11-202T2
6. Steve Johnson, Kentucky vs. Miss. State – 3-69T2
7. Jeff Moturi, UTEP vs. Houston – 4-94T2
8. Nate Swift, Nebraska vs. Texas – 6-112T 2
9. Thomas White, Baylor vs. Kansas State 4-118T2
10. Bryan Anderson, C. Michigan vs. Kent St – 10-142T1
11. Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech vs. Colorado – 12-131T1
12. Kenny McKinley, S. Carolina vs. Tennessee – 14-151T1

Few sites and media outlets pay much attention to defense – I aim to change that.

Two defenses have allowed as many FGs as TDs – you would think that would be the hallmark of a great redzone defense, yes? Iowa – 10 TD and 12 FG and Wyoming – a dozen of each. Guess what defense has allowed the most FGs? 15 by Baylor, right ahead of 14 by NC State.

The big number that scares the hell out of me? Toledo has allowed an NCAA-worst 41 touchdowns this year – I have already called them the worst team in college football.

Navy and Rice defend the pass as poorly as any teams I can remember, each allowing opponents a 165 efficiency rating or higher. Folks, that means they have made a pretty average collection of QBs look like Brian Brohm. (Apologies to actual NFL prospect Nate Davis of Ball State). To be fair, Rice has faced spread offense studs Graham Harrell of Texas Tech and Blake “B-Sizzle” Syzmanski of Baylor – Navy really has no such excuse.

Florida Atlantic leads the nation in turnover margin with a 2.5/1 ratio per game – and yet they are only 3-3. Four undefeated teams are in the Top Twenty of this stat, and interestingly six losing records.

From Pat Forde, the biggest ballhogs in the game?

Justin Willis, SMU: 208 pass attempts, 90 rushes, 298 touches out of SMU’s 427 plays. Plays involving Willis: 69.8 percent.Tyler Sheehan, Bowling Green: 260 pass attempts, 43 rushes, 303 touches out of Bowling Green’s 446 plays. Plays involving Sheehan: 67.9 percent.

Graham Harrell Graham Harrell, Texas Tech: 347 pass attempts, 19 rushes, 366 touches out of Texas Tech’s 541 plays. Plays involving Harrell (right, AP Photo/LM Otero): 67.7 percent.

Adam Weber, Minnesota: 288 pass attempts, 87 rushes, 375 touches out of 556 plays. Plays involving Weber: 67.4 percent. (Huge load for a freshman.)

Willie Tuitama, Arizona: 306 pass attempts, 25 rushes, 331 touches out of 494 plays. Plays involving Tuitama: 67 percent.

Tim Tebow, Florida: 148 pass attempts, 105 rushes, 253 touches out of 382 plays. Plays involving Tebow: 66.2 percent. (The Gators are averaging just 64 plays per game — a very low number.)

From Sports Network, The Bowling Green Falcons are the only FBS school in the country to have two players on their team with a passing, rushing and receiving touchdown in their career. Freddie Barnes has thrown for one touchdown, caught five and rushed for nine touchdowns. Tyler Sheehan has 10 passing touchdowns and two rushing and one receiving, making them the lone duo in the nation with this record.