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The first football triplets I remember earning the moniker played for the 1990’s Dallas Cowboys – the trio of Hall of Famers QB Troy Aikman (Oklahoma-UCLA), RB Emmitt Smith (Florida) and WR Michael Irvin (White House) attacked NFL defenses together for decades on their way to multiple Super Bowl titles.

The dallas Cowboy triplets celebrate another TD (thanks, Dallas Morning News)

The Dallas Cowboy triplets celebrate one of many TDs (thanks, Dallas Morning News)

In the college game, it is worthwhile to find talented triplets since it shows a multi-pronged attack that defenses cannot stop by committing to one player. Hence, a likely more consistent performance by all three in every game.

We begin our countdown of today’s triumvirates at number ten (likely a small school surprise) and the wind will come sweeping down the plain at the top of the list. Some darned fine honorable mentions to follow also as I aim to project this season’s performance, not simply reward last year’s numbers. (more…)